Over the weekend I got a new pair of running shoes, and I honestly can’t remember the last time I spent this much money on any article of clothing, much less a pair of shoes! Here’s a quick pic:

I have to say, they are pretty comfortable. My old shoes (only 6 months old, but still…) were starting to give me blisters whenever I’d run more than 2-3 miles, which is almost all of my runs anymore (wait, what?!). So on a tip from a friend, I tried out Gary Gribbles, a running shop on Mass St. here in Lawrence. The service was awesome! They looked at the wear patterns on my current running and everyday shoes to determine the type of shoe that would work best for me. All told, I spent almost an hour trying on different shoes and running around their store (seriously).

I tried to give the new shoes a test run (see what I did there?) on my new treadmill, but I’m not sure that it will work. Mind you, it’s just new to me, as I got it free from someone moving out of my complex, so it’s possible that it’s just too old. I need to mess around with it a bit more before I give up on it. I really want a treadmill, so hopefully I can make it work.

My last bit of news for tonight is about my running progress. I recently ran in the Hospital Hill 10k in KCMO, and it was awesome! I managed to beat both of my time goals (one of them by mere seconds, but it still counts)! On top of that, I’ve been keeping up with my training for the half-marathon coming up in a couple weeks. As part of that, and to help break in my new shoes, I went to Holcom Rec Center this Sunday to try for 8 miles on the treadmill. Unfortunately people needed to use it, so I only made it through 5.5/8, but I ran 4 straight miles without stopping! The first 3.1 miles flew by in 32:27, more than 8 minutes faster than my personal 5k record! It was enough to make me add a “treadmill/indoor track” section to my personal records page.

Well, that’s it for now. This turned into a little longer of a post than I intended, but that’s cool.

Peace out.