It’s almost 6am, and I have yet to go to sleep. At this point, I don’t plan to, of course, but I certainly want to. I have lost track of how many all-nighters I’ve pulled so far this semester, and the way things are looking I will be surprised if I average less than one a week for the remainder of the semester.

It’s no secret that this semester has been pretty difficult for me, but even that feels like an understatement much of the time. I believe I can safely say, without any hesitation, that this semester is the hardest I have ever had in every way. The classes are harder, I am taking more credit hours than I should, I’m dealing with extra academic misconduct crap that is sapping my will to do anything other than quit, and I have some of (in my opinion) the worst teachers I have had so far in my academic career.

Put it all together, and it makes for an extraordinarily stressful time. I’m getting through (so far), but every day is more difficult than the one before, and I have less desire to continue on top of that. I just hope my will to get a degree sustains me for the next five weeks. Heaven knows energy drinks won’t be enough to do it by themselves.