Inspired by this post, I have decided to create a "30 by 30" list of things that I want to do before I turn 30 in a little under a year. I’ll keep this post updated as the year progresses, and we’ll see how I fared next March.

Disclaimer: Many of these (especially the categories) are taken straight from (or inspired by) the list above.


  1. Make something from scratch
  2. Make a completely new (to me) dish
  3. Try a new dish Done!
  4. Try a new restaurant Done!


  1. Average 2+ blog posts per week
  2. Write at least two new songs
  3. Try out vlogging (at least once)
  4. Finish migrating World of Pannotia to its own domain
  5. [Create a new theme for this domain (]( Done!
  6. Write a short story
  7. Get the notes out of my head and onto (digital) paper for the World of Pannotia setting

Friends, Family, Home, & Social

  1. Have my nieces and nephews over for a night/weekend sleepover
  2. Make it up at least once a month to see my parents (it’s not that far… should be more, but let’s start small)
  3. Host a BBQ/cookout/dinner/food night at my apartment
  4. Visit my grandparents in Colorado
  5. Finally get my apartment clean
  6. Have someone I don’t know comment on my blog. Bonus: Have an "industry expert" (any "industry") comment on my blog.
  7. Post photo albums on my Picasa page Done!
  8. Write an article for someone else’s website
  9. Visit a museum/art exhibit
  10. See a play/musical/concert

Physical Challenges

  1. Run a half-marathon
  2. Lose 4 inches off my waist (i.e. be at or below a 38" waist)
  3. Run 2 miles without stopping Done!
  4. Run 20 miles


  1. Learn Symfony (to at least a basic level)
  2. Contribute to an open source project
  3. Start an open source project

Wedding Planning

  1. Book a venue for my wedding.
  2. Save $4000 (before expenditures)